Thursday, 5 December 2019

Cattle Decapitation @ The Opera House (Dec 4, 2019)

     Cattle Decapitation are one of those bands that have always turned heads. From their unapologetic album art, to their lifestyle choices and lyrical content, they strike a chord with the unsettling reality we find ourselves living in. Metal has always been about looking into the eyes of the demons that haunt us and harnessing that power. Cattle Decapitation expose a modern frustration with our current societal trajectory. Their latest release, 'Death Atlas' warns of the ends of humanity and helps provide the tools to process the situation. The only way we can fix out problems is by facing them head on!

     Last night was Toronto’s turn for the stacked Genocidal Tendencies Tour. Unfortunately, this tour has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Full of Hell had their van and gear stolen and last night Author & Punisher couldn’t make it to the show due with break down issues. None the less the devastation must go on. I just missed Vitriol, but I arrived at the Opera House right as the legendary Atheist took the stage. They’re old school death metal and hardcore attitude was great to get the energy up for a Wednesday night. It was nice to bask in some good old Florida death before cranking up the notch for a more modern headliner.

     Cattle Decap showed a lot for love to Canada during their set and the fans reciprocated. They opened with the first several songs off 'Death Atlas', “Anthropogenic: End Transmission” and “The Geocide”. They did have a mix of older songs with “A Living, Breathing Piece of Defecting Meat”, “Forced Gender Reassignment”, “Mammals in Babylon”, and “Plaugeborne” absolute crowd pleasers to be expected. You can tell an new album is damn good when even with the material so fresh, the crowd sings loudly and rages in the pit to all the right parts. 'Death Atlas' is another fantastic release from this killer band. Cheers to the bands that played, the ones that wished they could, and all the crazy animals in the pit! Check out some photos and video from the night below!

Cattle Decapitation 


-Metal Yeti /../;,,;/../

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