Monday, 5 September 2016

New Metal Review: Duskwalker (The Offering) - Codex Mystirium

 **EDIT: Due to legal reasons this band has officially changed their name to DUSKWALKER!**

Something has been brewing in Niagara Falls, Ontario   The Offering (now Duskwalker*) with Codex Mystirium,  released independently on August 12. The Offering comes with years of band history and talent behind its reigns, yet it doesn't sound quite like anything you've heard before; smashing genre boundaries and cranking the metal up to maximum proportions!
o. While many people only know the region for its wine exports, the Yeti learned a long time ago the area is also rich with fine metal exports as well. The regions latest export is the debut album from

     One of the things I enjoy most about this band is their ability to channel influences across all metal spectrums, while never really sitting in one place for too long. Codex Mystirium starts off appropriately with The Calm Before The Swarm which builds strongly towards the track Duskwalker, delivering a brutal and heavy blackened masterpiece for death and black metal fans alike. As the album continues on the tracks take on more of a melodic focus with each song delivering a relentless barrage of killer drum progressions, powerful riffage, and face-melting solo work. Similar to the instrumentals, the vocals throughout the album range in style, offering up a mix of sinister screams and growls, experimental synths, and a few brief and perfectly executed clean moments.

     While this album is a blast from start to finish, my favourite moment comes from its final track, Echoes of Eternity, which paints me a perfect picture of an occult ritual for the unfathomably powerful. Do yourself a favour and give it a listen; Codex Mystirium is available for download directly from the band as well through a number of streaming services. Make sure to check out on facebook @ to keep up to date with merch and tour information.

-Coming from someone who thoroughly enjoys a wide variety of metal genres and styles, it was refreshing to hear an album that flawlessly incorporated so many influences without ever feeling like its being shoved down my throat. Overall,  Duskwalker's Codex Mystirium presents an extremely heavy and hard hitting aggressive album while also managing to stand apart from the crowd with many successfully executed experimental and progressive aspects. The album rips from start to finish offering the listener interesting subject matter, and some unbelievably kick ass headbanging moments. This album is one hell of a debut and I personally can not wait to see what more is to come.
- My Verdict
\m/\m/\m/\m/\m/ out of \m/\m/\m/\m/\m/
5/5 - Codex Magnificent!

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