Sunday, 3 April 2016

Iron Maiden @ The Air Canada Centre, Toronto. April 3, 2016.

The Book of Souls World Tour has been devastating the Americas throughout the last month, and last night it was finally Toronto's turn to enjoy in some of the fun! \m/ The night started out with a repertoire of maiden CDs, paired with an unseasonably snowy ride into the city. Iron Maiden concerts are always a reason to be excited and while the Yeti has been graced with a few Iron Maiden live performances before, this night was a little more special as it was the first time his lovely Yeti wife would be seeing the demi-god's in there earthly forms (an epic right of passage in the Metal Yeti culture).

The Arena was already buzzing with a sea of Maiden shirts and Eddie filled battle jackets by the time we arrived. After a few beers, and an exploration for new Maiden merch a ruckus could be heard from the main hall. The Raven Age started off the show and did a hell of a job amping up the crowd. Their setlist was filled with a mix of groovy but heavy as hell tracks that provided a scrumptious metal h'orderve before the Maiden course. Not soon after the lights went out and the Irons stormed the stage!

Maiden opened with a few hits off the new Book Of Souls album, blasting the crowd to the speed of light! They quickly mixed it up however, playing some of my favourite tracks from throughout the years (especially Powerslave, Hallowed Be They Name, and Children of the Damned). The concert closed with a deadly encore of Number of the Beast, Blood Brothers, and Wasted Years. My absolutely favourite moment of the concert was rocking out with my wife along to Fear of the Dark and all that is Iron Maiden. And of course I have to mention the giant tribal Eddie that came out on stage during The Book of Souls and then later during Iron Maiden! Overall this concert was an absolute blast, featuring an absolutely stacked set list and fantastic stage presence. Check out some pictures from the show below! Cheers to the bands and all my Maiden Family who braved the snow to read from the book of souls! Cheers Troopers! \mXm/

Iron Maiden

The Raven Age 

Thanks Toronto! #IronMaiden #TheBookOfSoulsWorldTour #Toronto

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-Heavy Metal Sasquatch out! \m/ 

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