Tuesday, 31 March 2015

New Metal Review: Scarab - Serpents of the Nile

    I first started listening to Scarab a couple years back when I was compiling a list of metal bands from around the world that were completely kick ass. Since this time I've kept my ears to the sand, feeling elation when I heard that the Egyptian death metal gods had obliged with the release of their latest full length album "Serpents of the Nile". Serpents of the Nile was released under ViciSolum Productions and features 8 tracks of pure death metal destruction. Right from the start the album is heavily infused with Egyptian subtext. Every riff and progression in the album serves its purpose well, with the songs effectively reflecting the wrath and destruction that the ancient gods were known best for.

    Serpents of the Nile is packed full of insanely fast, crunchy, and technical guitar riffs as well a perfectly executed drum work. So much so that every song provided me with many moments of headbanging fury throughout my listening pleasure. After the first few songs it quickly became clear that Scarab has a lot more to offer than your run of the mill death metal band; providing neck-cramping melodies, clever progression changes and killer guitar solos throughout the album. Scarab also seamlessly works in moments of keyboards in the album, effectively adding layers and depth as a result. To top it all off, the instrumentals on this album are perfectly paired with devastating death metal vocals, worthy of the ears of the Ra himself.

    Egyptian themed death metal is nothing new to a lot of death metal listeners, but Scarab presents a much different beast than other incarnations of the sound. With Scarab hailing from Egypt, you can really feel the passion and culture inside the music, while at no time resenting the theme. Serpents of the Nile is a solid as hell album. Every song on the album is killer, but I especially enjoyed the guitar work featured on the tracks "The Afterlife Illusions" and "Pyramid of Illusions", so make sure to check them out. Take a listen for yourself and make sure to check out the entire album if you like what you hear! /,,/ Also make sure to check the band out online @ www.scarabegypt.com and vicisolumrecords.bandcamp.com.

- Although the theme of ancient Egypt is not a new concept, Scarab is not to be confused with other bands of similar style. Serpents of the Nile is a unique entity, having a solid death metal core but also successfully pulling on other branches of death metal for inspiration.
- My Verdict
\m/\m/\m/\m/\n out of \m/\m/\m/\m/\m/

4.5/5 - Bury this album with you to accompany you in the afterlife!

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