Sunday, 11 January 2015

Dark Tranquility, Insomnium, Valfreya, and Primalfrost @ The Opera House, Toronto (Jan 15, 2015)

       I have been waiting to see Dark Tranquility since I first heard the Damage Done and Character albums back when I was a young Yeti first developing my metal palate. Tonight I killed two birds with one metal stone as I witnessed Dark Tranquility and Insomnium tear the roof off the Opera House in downtown Toronto. The night opened up with a blast of power folk and black metal from local melodic demons Valfreya and Primalfrost. Despite minor technical difficulties, both bands performed brilliantly and proved masters of their crafts, perfectly priming the crowd for the headlining acts (even inciting a sword fight mosh pit at one point). Insomnium took the stage next, unleashing a hell storm of melodic death metal mastery. I was completely blown away by Insomium's technicality and stage presence, as every song they played forced my inner viking to come forth in the mosh pit. They opened with tracks off of Shadows of the Dying Son, but also played older classics like Unsung and Weighed Down With Sorrow. By the time Dark Tranquility took the stage the crowd was completely ready for what was about to happen. They played an unbelievable set, opening with The Science of Noise and some songs off Construct; also including some wicked back catalog tunes like Damage Done and Misery's Crown! Cheers to all the bands for such an unbelievable show /,,/. And as always cheers to the crazy dudes I clashed with in the pit! Check out a few pictures from the night below.

Dark Tranquility




-Absolutely wicked show! Heavy Metal Sasquatch out /,,/

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