Thursday, 15 January 2015

8 Death Metal Bands From Around The World You Should Be Listening To!

     Everyone knows that Sasquatch's love Death Metal. Furthering the argument, I have decided to make a list of 8 death metal bands from around the world that I feel you (the metalhead) should be listening to. Check out all of the bands below, and make sure to  check out their pages if you like what you hear. Feel free to leave a comment with your favourite death metal not from your homeland! /,,/ Enjoy the list and I'm sorry in advance for your neck muscles.  

[Russia] Afterburner: Brutal Death

    Afterburner are a very progressive brutal death band utilizing various harsh vocal styles, melodies, fantastic classic solo work, while at the same time still delivering a completely brutal and devastating album. Plus it helps that the samples used throughout the album are top notch.

Song recommendations: Entire "Dawn of Enthrallment" album

[Australia] Beyond Mortal Dreams: Death Metal 

    Beyond Mortal Dreams is a brilliant modern death metal band. Not relying heavily on blast beats, the band instead delivers straightforward heavy as hell death metal riffs and mind-shredding guitar solos. Perfection.

Song Recommendations: Lamia, Dreaming Death, Beast of Damnation

[Denmark] Deus Otiosus: Death Thrash

    Dues Otiosus is the perfect band for any lover of the thrash or death genre. The guitar work and drumming are fast and technical, and the vocals will punch you in the face.Exactly what the doctor ordered.

Song Recommendations: Pest Grave, Anything off the "Murderer" album

[South Korea] Infernal Chaos: Melodic Death

    Infernal Chaos are everything young melodeath bands should strive to be. The band flawlessly combines cultural inspired melodies with melodic keyboard synths and absolutely bone crushing fast and heavy guitar work.

Song recommendations: This Stop is the Hell, For Your Miracle

[lndia] Demonic Resurrection: Blackened/Melodic Death

    Demonic Resurrection has an impressive back catalog, but they really caught my eye with their recent release of "The Demon King". The band presents excellent symphonic atmosphere and structure in their songs, performing with melody and a high level of technical skill; practically forcing you head to bang!

Song Recommendations: Trail of Devastation, Omega I, The Assassination

[Mexico] Question: Old School Death Metal

    Straight up old school death metal with a lot of surprisingly modern and technical riffs thrown in the mix. Excellent band to bang your head to.

Song Recommendations: Mournful Stench, Conjuring Spirits 

[Germany] Drowned: Death/Doom

    Drowned is a band that successful fuses the explosive riffs and technical ability of death metal with the atmosphere and song structure of doom metal. Light a doob and check out their album Idola Specus.

Song recommendations: Black Projection, Viscera Terrae, Antiprism 

[Chile] Death Vomit:  Old School Death Metal

    Another excellent example of old school death metal being produced in the modern metal scene. These guys pack a hell of a punch and deliver death metal they way it was supposed to be played.

Song Recommendations: Devoured by Carcass, Holocaust, Indestructible Abomination

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-Heavy Metal Sasquatch out \m/

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