Thursday, 10 December 2015

Between the Buried and Me, Enslaved, and Intronaut @ Danforth MusicHall, Toronto (Dec 10, 2015).

The Heavy Metal Sasquatch has had quite a busy year; but he always has free time when Between the Buried and Me rolls through town. The show started with a replacement for Native Construct, who couldn't make the show due to passport theft in the states (that sucks) as the instrumental prog demons Earth's Yellow Sun took the stage. Up next was the technical yet doomy Intronuat, who taught everyone in the audience the true meaning of bass. Enslaved rocked the stage next, completely devastating the crowd with a range of songs from their new album as well as back catalog (including my favourite from them: The Watcher). Then came the moment I had been waiting for as Between the Buried and Me took the stage. The band played a fantastic mix of songs, opening with some new material, playing The Coma Machine and Turn On The Darkness, while also playing The Ectopic Stroll later on in the set. Things got even better from there as the hits kept coming in the form of Informal Gluttony, Son of Nothing, and Fossil Genera. There was also a serious homage to the 10 year anniversary of their Alaska album with the band playing and extended intro to Backwards Marathon. To top things off, they played an epic encore with Silent Flight Parliament. Yet another spectacular BTBAM show! Cheers to my buddies and all the crazy fuckers in the pit. See you next time. \m/

Between the Buried and Me



- Heavy Metal Sasquatch out \m/

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

New Metal Review: Wretchedpain - The Great ReAwakening (ft. Mark Hunter)

     This is not the first time I have written about Wretchedpain and it certainly will not be the last time you hear about them, with the bands release of their killer new track, The Great ReAwakening. The track is four minutes of brutal groovy death metal, featuring none other than ex-Chimaira front man Mark Hunter sharing the microphone with Joey Glacken on vocals. The track starts with a deliciously heavy groove followed by a blast from Hunter, reminding me a lot of the Impossibility of Reason days (which is a very good thing). The instrumentals throughout the track are also top notch. The guitar work is flawless; providing a brutally heavy, yet impossibly groovy framework for the song to build off. Furthering along the brutality was the awesomely executed drumming throughout the track. If this wasn't already enough I also absolutely loved the lyrics throughout the song, drawing on themes of generational laziness, apathy, and enlightenment or lack there of. Check out the song below and make sure to check the band out if you like what you hear! Get touring info and download music from Wretchedpain @ &

 - I was already excited to hear new material from Wretchedpain, but combined with the added bonus of Mark Hunter on the track; you got yourself a volatile and lethal combination. Any attempt to not like this song is "FEEBLE AT BEST" (and if you didn't get that reference listen to the goddamn song).
My Verdict
\m/\m/\m/\m/\m/ out of \m/\m/\m/\m/\m/
5/5 - Pure Canadian Metal at its finest!

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

New Metal Review: Scarab - Serpents of the Nile

    I first started listening to Scarab a couple years back when I was compiling a list of metal bands from around the world that were completely kick ass. Since this time I've kept my ears to the sand, feeling elation when I heard that the Egyptian death metal gods had obliged with the release of their latest full length album "Serpents of the Nile". Serpents of the Nile was released under ViciSolum Productions and features 8 tracks of pure death metal destruction. Right from the start the album is heavily infused with Egyptian subtext. Every riff and progression in the album serves its purpose well, with the songs effectively reflecting the wrath and destruction that the ancient gods were known best for.

    Serpents of the Nile is packed full of insanely fast, crunchy, and technical guitar riffs as well a perfectly executed drum work. So much so that every song provided me with many moments of headbanging fury throughout my listening pleasure. After the first few songs it quickly became clear that Scarab has a lot more to offer than your run of the mill death metal band; providing neck-cramping melodies, clever progression changes and killer guitar solos throughout the album. Scarab also seamlessly works in moments of keyboards in the album, effectively adding layers and depth as a result. To top it all off, the instrumentals on this album are perfectly paired with devastating death metal vocals, worthy of the ears of the Ra himself.

    Egyptian themed death metal is nothing new to a lot of death metal listeners, but Scarab presents a much different beast than other incarnations of the sound. With Scarab hailing from Egypt, you can really feel the passion and culture inside the music, while at no time resenting the theme. Serpents of the Nile is a solid as hell album. Every song on the album is killer, but I especially enjoyed the guitar work featured on the tracks "The Afterlife Illusions" and "Pyramid of Illusions", so make sure to check them out. Take a listen for yourself and make sure to check out the entire album if you like what you hear! /,,/ Also make sure to check the band out online @ and

- Although the theme of ancient Egypt is not a new concept, Scarab is not to be confused with other bands of similar style. Serpents of the Nile is a unique entity, having a solid death metal core but also successfully pulling on other branches of death metal for inspiration.
- My Verdict
\m/\m/\m/\m/\n out of \m/\m/\m/\m/\m/

4.5/5 - Bury this album with you to accompany you in the afterlife!

Thursday, 15 January 2015

8 Death Metal Bands From Around The World You Should Be Listening To!

     Everyone knows that Sasquatch's love Death Metal. Furthering the argument, I have decided to make a list of 8 death metal bands from around the world that I feel you (the metalhead) should be listening to. Check out all of the bands below, and make sure to  check out their pages if you like what you hear. Feel free to leave a comment with your favourite death metal not from your homeland! /,,/ Enjoy the list and I'm sorry in advance for your neck muscles.  

[Russia] Afterburner: Brutal Death

    Afterburner are a very progressive brutal death band utilizing various harsh vocal styles, melodies, fantastic classic solo work, while at the same time still delivering a completely brutal and devastating album. Plus it helps that the samples used throughout the album are top notch.

Song recommendations: Entire "Dawn of Enthrallment" album

[Australia] Beyond Mortal Dreams: Death Metal 

    Beyond Mortal Dreams is a brilliant modern death metal band. Not relying heavily on blast beats, the band instead delivers straightforward heavy as hell death metal riffs and mind-shredding guitar solos. Perfection.

Song Recommendations: Lamia, Dreaming Death, Beast of Damnation

[Denmark] Deus Otiosus: Death Thrash

    Dues Otiosus is the perfect band for any lover of the thrash or death genre. The guitar work and drumming are fast and technical, and the vocals will punch you in the face.Exactly what the doctor ordered.

Song Recommendations: Pest Grave, Anything off the "Murderer" album

[South Korea] Infernal Chaos: Melodic Death

    Infernal Chaos are everything young melodeath bands should strive to be. The band flawlessly combines cultural inspired melodies with melodic keyboard synths and absolutely bone crushing fast and heavy guitar work.

Song recommendations: This Stop is the Hell, For Your Miracle

[lndia] Demonic Resurrection: Blackened/Melodic Death

    Demonic Resurrection has an impressive back catalog, but they really caught my eye with their recent release of "The Demon King". The band presents excellent symphonic atmosphere and structure in their songs, performing with melody and a high level of technical skill; practically forcing you head to bang!

Song Recommendations: Trail of Devastation, Omega I, The Assassination

[Mexico] Question: Old School Death Metal

    Straight up old school death metal with a lot of surprisingly modern and technical riffs thrown in the mix. Excellent band to bang your head to.

Song Recommendations: Mournful Stench, Conjuring Spirits 

[Germany] Drowned: Death/Doom

    Drowned is a band that successful fuses the explosive riffs and technical ability of death metal with the atmosphere and song structure of doom metal. Light a doob and check out their album Idola Specus.

Song recommendations: Black Projection, Viscera Terrae, Antiprism 

[Chile] Death Vomit:  Old School Death Metal

    Another excellent example of old school death metal being produced in the modern metal scene. These guys pack a hell of a punch and deliver death metal they way it was supposed to be played.

Song Recommendations: Devoured by Carcass, Holocaust, Indestructible Abomination

- If you like this post, you may also like a post I did a few years ago "Six metal bands from around the world you should be listening to"
-Heavy Metal Sasquatch out \m/

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Dark Tranquility, Insomnium, Valfreya, and Primalfrost @ The Opera House, Toronto (Jan 15, 2015)

       I have been waiting to see Dark Tranquility since I first heard the Damage Done and Character albums back when I was a young Yeti first developing my metal palate. Tonight I killed two birds with one metal stone as I witnessed Dark Tranquility and Insomnium tear the roof off the Opera House in downtown Toronto. The night opened up with a blast of power folk and black metal from local melodic demons Valfreya and Primalfrost. Despite minor technical difficulties, both bands performed brilliantly and proved masters of their crafts, perfectly priming the crowd for the headlining acts (even inciting a sword fight mosh pit at one point). Insomnium took the stage next, unleashing a hell storm of melodic death metal mastery. I was completely blown away by Insomium's technicality and stage presence, as every song they played forced my inner viking to come forth in the mosh pit. They opened with tracks off of Shadows of the Dying Son, but also played older classics like Unsung and Weighed Down With Sorrow. By the time Dark Tranquility took the stage the crowd was completely ready for what was about to happen. They played an unbelievable set, opening with The Science of Noise and some songs off Construct; also including some wicked back catalog tunes like Damage Done and Misery's Crown! Cheers to all the bands for such an unbelievable show /,,/. And as always cheers to the crazy dudes I clashed with in the pit! Check out a few pictures from the night below.

Dark Tranquility




-Absolutely wicked show! Heavy Metal Sasquatch out /,,/