Saturday, 1 November 2014

Kataklysm, Suffocation, Jungle Rot, Pyrexia, Internal Bleeding & Wretchedpain @ The Opera House, Toronto (Nov 1/ 2014)

     Don't call the Center for Disease Control quite yet, as tonight the absolutely stacked Carnival of Death tour swung through Toronto, leaving a trail of bodies and destruction in its wake. The night opened up with some local homegrown talent, as the boys of Wretchedpain primed the audience for an evening of death metal at its finest. Things only got better from there as slam legends Internal Bleeding and Pyrexia took the stage next. Both bands played killer sets, even sharing the stage at one point for a killer metal duet which practically shook the Opera House off its foundations. By the time Jungle Rot took the stage, the crowd was completely amped (and buzzed up), ready for the old school death metal gods to annihilate and melt their faces. As if Jungle Rot playing Strangulation Mutilation wasn't already enough metal pleasure, Suffocation took the stage shorty after and crushed a killer set full of old and new tracks. While there seemed to be quite a loss of momentum and energy between the two headlining bands, the night ended on a high note after Kataklysm took the stage. It only took a brief pep talk between songs to wake the crowd up, and the energy soon returned to the venue with Kataklysm igniting the crowd time and time again as they played their set. The Sasquatch couldn't have asked for a more stacked bill, scratching 5 death metal giants off my "must see" list! As always, a special shout out to the old school motherfuckers in the pit as well as all the bands! /,,/ Here are some pictures from throughout the night.



Jungle Rot


Internal Bleeding


- Sasquatch out /,,/

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