Monday, 21 July 2014

New Metal Review: Last Scattering - Eidolon

     The Heavy Metal Sasquatch is always hungry for delicious prog metal and the gentlemen from Last Scattering have graciously obliged with the early release of their debut album Eidolon! Hailing from the depths of Hamilton, Canada, Last Scattering has exploded into the southern Ontario metal scene throughout the last year, playing a magnitude of shows as well as headlining some huge ones such as this years Chaos Fest as well as a show with the metal gods of Cryptopsy! The band is building momentum and shows no sign of slowing down with preparations already made for a summer tour across Southern Ontario and Quebec. Last Scattering is one of few progressive metal bands hailing from the Hammer but they are sure to put the city as well as themselves on the progressive metal map!

     Last Scattering represents a very unique progressive metal experience. The first few songs off the album proves this with a very obtuse and quirky feel to the songs being felt. This being said, Last Scattering is quick to inspire your head to bang with their use of heavy technical guitar and drumming through out the entire album. Last Scattering is brilliant all across this album showcasing their talents with absolutely killer riffs and wonderfully constructed verses and solos. While there was a few times I felt that the clean vocals were a bit strange they were always very interesting and unique, especially when paired with the albums completely devastating solid scream vocals. Last Scattering utilizes a wide variety of musical styles, infusing a heavy groove with aspects of death and thrash metal creating an onslaught of progressive metal mastery.

     I enjoyed this album on almost every level. While I was listening to the album, my mind was painting a picture of a particular colony of black birds and their brutal colonel GibGib who is leading them on their hell bent journey for mystical meals and the assassination of a particular Screen Actor Guild member. I can only thank the band for that which can be attributed to the their wickedly unique song composition and perfectly flowing structure as well as its accompanying art work. My favourite song off the album is hard to decide but it's most likely a tie between GibGib and the 18 minute epic Matt Damon. You can decide for yourself below with the entire album available for streaming. Make sure to check out the band on facebook @ as well as download the album @ /,,/

- No doubt about it, Eidolon belongs on your music shelf right beside your Between the Buried and Me & Protest the Hero CD's. Last Scattering has successfully created a unique and eccentrically heavy piece of progressive metal history, one that the Sasquatch will surely not forget.
-My Verdict
\m/\m/\m/\m/\n out of \m/\m/\m/\m/\m/
4.5/5 -Perfecdolon

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