Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Niagara Metal Fest 2014

    Last past weekend was the 2014 Niagara Metal Fest at the Taps Brewery in Niagara Falls, Ontario. This year certainty showcased the finest in underground metal around the Niagara region, with unbelievably heavy as hell sets being played by every band involved. Unfortunately I was only able to attend day 1 of the festival, but I had the time of my life! My favourite moments of the day was the insane pits to Ataxia, Unscathed, Wretchedpain, & Killitorous, with a special mention to Wretchedpain for the WALL OF DEATH! A very special thanks to all the sponsors and organizers @ Pain TV. Make sure to check them out at! Here are some pictures I took as well as some ones taken by friends, as well a few from the boys of Chronic Aggression! Cheers to all you crazy fuckers I clashed with in the pits as well as to all the bands who played! /,,/ /,,/


 Unsacred Seed


Dead 3 Days





Laid to Rest

Random Metalheads! 

- Another huge thanks to all of the bands as well as Pain TV and Chronic Aggression for a few of their pictures!  Cheers to everyone who went and I`ll see ya next year for Niagara Metal Fest 2014!

Friday, 2 May 2014

The Yeti Files: Wretchedpain

    Last night marked the beginning of something amazing for the Sasquatch, with the broadcast of the very first episode of The Yeti Files on The Pit Radio Show airing Thursday nights at 11pm on 98.5fm out of Kitchener as well as on live stream at Every single Yeti File will feature one specific underground metal band from the diverse Southern Ontario metal scene, in hopes of spreading the influence of metal to the masses. Check out the first episode of The Yeti Files below featuring St. Catherines death metal maniacs Wretchedpain! Give it a listen and make sure to support The Pit Radio Show @ Also don't forget to give Wretchedpain some love over at

- Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the next episode of The Yeti Files featuring another gem from Ontario's underground metal scene!
-Special thanks to rockin' Rod and The Pit Radio Show for bringing the Yeti Files to life! /,,/ Many more to come!