Friday, 18 April 2014

Anti Easter Eggs /,,/

     Everyone knows that when the Easter Bunny isn't hiding eggs, he's headbanging to his favourite metal bands. In honour of this, the Heavy Metal Sasquatch has decided to try a not so traditional take on the egg decorating tradition, creating some heavy metal Easter eggs. These "anti-Easter eggs" were influenced by three of the Sasquatch's favourite bands: Gorgoroth, Between the Buried and Me, & Slayer! /,,/ Feel free to post any of your metal eggs creations in the comments or on twitter @HeavyMetalYetii. Special thanks to my wife Ashley for painting the wicked Parallax owl. I hope you enjoy! /,,/ /,,/ 

- Happy Metal Easter! Heavy Metal Sasquatch out! \m/

Anti-Easter Eggs from Readers!

Death Egg from -@Kaleebell on Twitter (2015). 

DevilDriver egg from Adam Sobolik on Facebook (2016).

Gojira egg from Jospeh Josef on Facebook (2016).

- /,,/

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