Thursday, 9 January 2014

New Metal Review: Persefone - Spiritual Migration

   The Heavy Metal Sasquatch lives purely off raw power, requiring a constant and steady amount of face melting metal for sustenance. While a wide variety of metal bands suit the dietary needs of the "Metal Yeti", he prefers the technical complexity and the crunchy yet delicious musical variations associated with progressive metal. Persefone is one of these such delicious treats. Persefone calls themselves "progressive melodic death metal", but it feels like %100 tasty Prog to the Yeti. Their latest full length album Spiritual Migration is a masterpiece delivering brutally heavy riffs in combination with technical brilliance and beautifully timed special effects. Spiritual Migration is terrific from front to back, running an impressive seventy one minutes, and failing to disappoint on any level; successfully provoking many deep cerebral thoughts and emotions at the same time. This album is top tier prog metal, not heavily relying on any one specific style of play, while very successfully melding experimental instruments and sounds. Furthermore, their use of nature throughout the album provided a vivid feeling of tranquility; which is a stark contrast to the raw power and fury that was never to far away in the album as well as throughout the biological world. Listen to the full album below and make sure to check them out on facebook @ and buy their merch @ \m/

- Persefone's Spiritual Migration blew me away and is definitely worth your time and listening pleasure. It has been years since I've heard a prog metal band of this unique caliber. Persefone took a while to reach my ears, but i'm hoping they reach yours soon so you to can discover your new favourite band. "Innovative music for the open-minded listener".
- My Verdict
\m/\m/\m/\m/\m/ out of \m/\m/\m/\m/\m/
5/5 - Progtastic


  1. ya! so freakin good i just found out about them 3 days ago! Listened to the album 3 times!!!

  2. So good eh!. They have been on non-stop replay the last week for me. It's just so well written, has amazing flow.