Monday, 9 September 2013

The Beards of Metal \m/

   For some reason, may it be its raw power and authority or its curious sexual appeal, the beard is a prominent facial feature throughout the metal industry. While they vary drastically in shape, size, and colour, every self respecting metalhead has had or tried to grow an epic metal beard at one point or another. Yet, there is more to these beards than meet the eye; for they draw upon the forces of hell and fury to empower the artists to create metal of extreme proportions. The following is homage to some of the best beards I've seen in my local as well as global metal community. Feel free to leave links to your own beards to add to #TheBeardsOfMetal. Cheers to all my bearded metal brothers! Enjoy! \m/

 Tom Araya - Slayer

Kirk Windstein - Crowbar / Down
Scott Ian - Anthrax

John Petrucci - Dream Theater

Chris Adler - Lamb of God, Protest the Hero, Megadeth
Craig Laro - American Hell (ok not a beard I know, but look at this god damn moustache!)

Johan Hegg - Amon Amarth

"Dimebag" Darrell Abbott - Pantera

Brent Hinds - Mastadon

Mark Morton - Lamb of God

Zakk Wylde - Black Label Society

Chris Kael - Five Finger Death Punch

Sean Zatorsky - Chimaira

Rob Zombie - White Zombie

Kerry King - Slayer

 Paul Di'Anno - Iron Maiden, Battlezone, Gogmagog

Wayne Static - Static X
Joey Glacken - Wretchedpain
Andy Thomas - Black Crown Initiate
The Heavy Metal Sasquatch & Eddie Hermida - All Shall Perish / Suicide Silence

"Big"James Arsenian & Ryan Miller - ENDAST

Derek Nelson & Nick Pauli - Unscathed

 - This list is no where near complete, however feel free to leave comments for who I missed or for pics of your own insane metal beards. I will retweet all tweets sent to @HeavyMetalYetii with the hashtag #TheBeardsOfMetal!
-Cheers to the photographers of the pics above and all of you who are bad-ass enough to sport a brutal beard in the name of Satan! \m/
-Heavy Metal Sasquatch out!


  1. I was thinking Chris Kael from Five Finger Death Punch (tho not sure they are considered metal). His is basically dreaded
    x GNAR MOSH x

    1. Awesome. He's on the list. \m/ Any beard that ferocious can not be denied!