Monday, 20 May 2013

Niagara Metal Fest 2013 - Photos

The 2013 Niagara Metal Fest has come and gone, and hell what a festival!! The days were as long and full of metal as the beer glasses were full! Cheers to all 19 bands who performed during the festival, and to all those in the pit! Here are some photos taken throughout the festival! Make sure to check out all the bands if you missed the show, and see you all at next years metal fest! \m/











- Cheers also to all the bands not in pictures, it was a long day full of metal & shinanigans, --> Laid to Rest, Door to Door Human Gore, Gigantusk, Babbar, Angels of Death, Continent, Abolished, Eaten by Sharks, Homicide Drive, Decpetion of Eden, & Wall of Bones!!
- Heavy Metal Sasquatch out!! \nn/

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Intervals, Texas in July, Northlane, Structures @ Virgin Mobile Mod Club, Toronto: Concert Pics!

The Heavy Metal Sasquatch was in attendance at the Mod Club last night in Toronto to see the guys from Intervals, Northlane, Texas in July, and Structures! What a great fucking show; the energy of the place was unreal with non stop moshing and stage diving! All bands performed remarkably, with a special mention to Northlane for making the place explode!! Cheers to all the bands! I'll be seeing you all again! \m/


-Sorry No pics for Structures, The pit was to crazy and all pictures taken were blurry.
-Heavy Metal Sasquatch out! \m/

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Niagara Metal Fest 2013: May 18/19 - Reminder!

The Heavy Metal Sasquatch is here to remind you of the 2013 Niagara Metal Fest happening in just under 2 weeks time!! Project Pain, in partnership with Taps Brewery (4680 Queen Street. Niagara Falls, Ontario), is proud the bring you the 2013 NIAGARA METAL FEST!!! The festival will take place on the outdoor stage, and will feature 20 wicked ass local metal bands, with the always ferocious Endast & American Hell as headliners. This is an All Ages/Licensed event so come on out, have a few drinks and support some amazing local metal!. Check out the official event page @ *NIAGARA METAL FEST 2013 CLICK HERE*

Gate opens at 12:00PM each day

2-day pass : $15 (advanced tickets) / $20 at the gate)
1-day pass : $10 (available at gate only)

Day 1 - SAT MAY 18
9:00pm-10:00pm ENDAST (Jagermusic Canada)
8:05pm-8:40pm Desolation 

7:10pm-7:45pm Wretchedpain
6:15pm-6:50pm Laid to Rest
5:20pm-5:55pm Door To Door Human Gore
4:25pm-5:00pm Besegra
3:30pm-4:05pm Gigantusk
2:35pm-3:10pm Unscathed
1:40pm-2:15pm Babbar
12:30pm-1:20pm Angels of Death

Day 2 - SUN MAY 19

9:00pm-10:00pm AMERICAN HELL (One Day Saviour Recordings)
8:05pm-8:40pm Continent
7:10pm-7:45pm Abolished
6:15pm-6:50pm Insurrection
5:20pm-5:55pm MYR
4:25pm-5:00pm Crutch
3:30pm-4:05pm Homicide Drive
2:35pm-3:10pm Paladin
1:40pm-2:15pm Deception of Eden
12:40pm-1:20pm Wall of Bones

 -Make sure to spread the word and come on out! It's going to be a wicked festival!! Support Local Music!
-The Heavy Metal Sasquatch will see you there! Come have a few brews and share a mosh pit with the Yeti \mXm/