Monday, 25 February 2013

Progressive Metal Showcase: Reflections: The Fantasy Effect - EP Stream & Review

Progressive Metal Showcase: Reflections

In his never ending pursuit to find the most furious of all mosh pits, the Heavy Metal Sasquatch has come across the up and coming progressive metal, Reflections. Reflection's first EP "The Fantasy Effect" blew my mind bringing together Grindcore and Thrash Metal to form a phenomenal progressive metal sound! Not only was Reflections responsible for an instantaneous mosh pit in my living room, they were also able to get a good laugh out of me; inserting a perfectly timed Ron Burgandy quote approx 3:20 into the EP. All in all, The Fantasy Effect is a crazy fucking wicked EP, warranting you to stop what you are doing immediately and give it a thorough listen! Have a listen below and tell me what you think.!
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-I absolutely loved The Fantasy Effect. Check these guys out and definitely give them your support!!
-Heavy Metal Sasquatch out!! \m/

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