Friday, 7 March 2014

Death Metal Showcase: Wretchedpain

   With a wide margin of Ontario's metal scene flooded with bands looking to break though the classic molds of metal, pure old fashion death metal is hard to come by. Thankfully for us, Wretchedpain is keeping the spirit of death metal alive, helping the masses remember the brutal awesomeness of pure unfiltered, no bullshit death metal. While Wretchedpain formed over a decade ago, they released their debut album "Conregratation" in 2010. The end result was a masterpiece professionally mixed and mastered by veteran Chris "Zeuss" Harris, producer to metal giants such as Hatebreed, Chimaira, Whitechapel, and Shadows Fall. The album was a huge success for the band, receiving considerable attention and inspiring many a head-bang along the way.  Since then Wretchedpain has toured excessively, undertaking relentless gigs and festivals through the years; playing alongside big names such as Cryptopsy, Napalm Death, Threat Signal, Suffocation, Baptized in Blood, & The Faceless.

   In the summer of 2013, Wretchedpain released their new EP "The Hell You Seek", with the help of Jean-Francois Dagenais of Kataklysm for mixing and mastering. The result is another excellent example of pure technical death metal in its finest form. Wretchedpain combines a wicked classic death metal drumming style with an intense groove and brutal heaviness on guitar and a consistent aggressive vocal track. I love every song that this band has released so far; providing me with the heart pounding aggression and power that I love the most in metal! 

   Wretchedpain is a band determined to be heard; and with the band recently returning from a two-week European tour and a plethora of gigs on the horizon, the Yeti has his money on these boys to make it huge. You can check out Wretchedpain's music live at their upcoming show at the Wacken Metal Battle in Toronto (April 4, 2014 @ the Rivoli), where they perform for a spot to play at the Wacken Open Air festival in Germany. As well, you can also catch them at the upcoming Chaos Fest in Hamilton (April 6, 2014 @ Club Absinthe) alongside Thy Art is Murder & Fallujah. Keep up to date with tour dates and music on the bands facebook site @ and buy their music online @ Check out their music below and make sure to give these boys the support they deserve!

- Bands like Wretchedpain are exaclty what the metal scene needs these days. A Band that delivers furious aggression and breakneck riffs, without relying on blast beats or breakdowns for mass appeal. With two killer releases under their belt already, Wretchedpain's future is bright, appealing heavily to the old school death metal crowds who are eager to embrace brutality at its best! 
- Be sure to check out the band and share them with your death metal loving friends. /,,/ As always, Keep it heavy.

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