Monday, 26 August 2013

Southern Ontario Metal Festival 2013 - Photos

     The 2013 Southern Ontario Metal Fest has passed, and a pile of broken bodies have been left in its wake! The festival went full force for three days with over 40 bands on the bill. While all the bands were fantastic, there are a few bands that deserve an extra honourable mention. First of all is Dying Fetus, who absolutely annihilated the Absinthe and everybody in an 5km radius! Dying Fetus unleashed a wicked set, inspiring a mosh pit that nearly ripped Club Absinthe off its foundation. Another band that deserves a mention is American Hell. American Hell killed their set; playing an assortment of songs, including some unbelievably badass brand new material! Last but certainty not least is Unscathed. Kicking off the festival on the first day in the first time slot, Unscathed unleashed so much hell, that the SOMF had no choice but to invite them back for an encore set on the following Saturday alongside the headlining bands on the outdoor stage. Unscathed was undoubtedly one of the best bands of the festival, proving that they're is sill much life left in underground metal. Other bands that deserve an honourable mention include: Psyopus, Cancer Bats, Ending Tyranny, Structures, Fuck the Facts, Elements, Men to Wolves, Deterrence, Eaten by Sharks, Arkham Awaits, Mandroid Echostar, Take the Throne, Exalt, Great Lakes, and hell every other god damn band there! Absolutely wicked weekend! I can't wait an entire year for the next years SOMF! I'm already looking forward to it! Cheers to all the bands, the promoters, Club Absinthe, and all the crazy motherfuckers I clashed with in the Pit \mXm/ Special thanks to all the fans and promoters for taking some extra photos that I wasn't able to get myself!

Dying Fetus

Cancer Bats



American Hell

Mandroid Echostar


Ending Tyranny


Three Crowns

Men to Wolves

-Thanks again to all the bands, metalheads, Club Absinthe, & promoters that made the Southern Ontario Metal Fest a weekend to remember!
-Special thanks to the people who took some of the pictures above (@hvymtlHamilton, @SOMFCA, @ClubAbsinthe, @thePitradioshow, and friends!), I only had limited pictures and needed some help from my fellow metalheads!
-Heavy Metal Sasquatch out! \m/

Sunday, 11 August 2013

The 2013 Southern Ontario Metal Festival is Coming!

    The summer has been flying by for the Heavy Metal Sasquatch, but there is still one more metal festival looming on the horizon; The Southern Ontario Metal Festival! In just under two weeks time the SOMF is taking over the always roaring Club Absinthe @ 38 King William St in Hamilton, Ontario for the weekend of August 23, 24, & 25! Since the announcement, the festival has unfortunately lost of the band Varga, while at the same time adding the bands Ending Tyranny & Continent to the line up! Some bands that I highly recommend seeing at this years SOMF are: Dying Fetus, Exalt, Intervals, Structures, Pysopus, Eaten by Sharks, A Sight For Sewn Eyes, Arkham Awaits, Unscathed, Men to Wolves, Cancer Bats, American Hell, Great Lakes, Obsek, Warlord Messiah, Hell Bear, The Author,Take the Throne, & Continent (practically the entire line up! \m/). I am especially looking forward to the kick-off party on the 23rd, with three local underground favourites: Unscathed, Men to Wolves, and The Author  sure to begin the festival with a hellstorm!! Come out all weekend to enjoy the bone crushing metal of existing metal gods as well ass the underground bands that are currently rocking the front lines! I'll see you all in the Mosh Pit!

-Check out for complete festival details!
-Ticket information is available on the official website @

-Heavy Metal Sasquatch out \m/