Saturday, 23 March 2013

Progressive Metal Showcase: UNSCATHED!

Going through some lineup changes and growing pains the band formerly known as Imperium has arrived Unscathed! Gearing up towards their first studio demo release, Unscathed has released a teaser sampler of their soon to be released demo! Check it out below!!
Support Unscathed and like their facebook page @

-Go support Unscathed live @ the 2013 Niagara Metal Fest on Saturday May 18 at 2:30pm at the Taps Brewery, 4680 Queen St. Niagara Falls, Ont
-Click Here for the Official Page of the 2013 Niagara Metal Fest

-Heavy Metal Sasquatch out \m/

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Niagara Metal Fest 2013 May 18/19 - Promo Videos

If you live within driving distance to the Niagara Falls, the two day long 2013 Niagara Metal Fest is worth the trip! With bands such as Endast and American Hell headlining and a plethora of local talent rocking the stage; this is one metal festival you can not afford to miss. 
Gates opens at the Taps Brewery (4680 Queen StreetNiagara Falls, Ontario) @ 12:00PM each day - Tickets $10 per day and available at the doors

Check out these sampler videos to give you an idea of what to expect!! 

^ sampler ^

^ Endast - Matyr : Official Music Video ^

^ American Hell - Zero : Official Music Video ^

- The Heavy Metal Sasquatch will see you there!!! Come have a beer with me!!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Niagara Metal Fest 2013: May 18/19 @ Taps Brewery, Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Project Pain, in partnership with Taps Brewery (4680 Queen Street. Niagara Falls, Ontario), is proud the bring you the 2013 NIAGARA METAL FEST!!! The festival will take place on the outdoor stage. consisting of over 18 of the best up and coming local metal bands, being headlined by the always ferocious Endast & American Hell.  This is an All Ages/Licensed event so come on out, have a few drinks and support some amazing local metal!. Check out the official event page @ *NIAGARA METAL FEST 2013 CLICK HERE*
Gate opens at 12:00PM each day

2-day pass : $15 (advanced tickets) / $20 at the gate
1-day pass : $10 (available at gate only

Day 1 - SAT MAY 18
9:00pm-10:00pm ENDAST (Jagermusic Canada)
8:05pm-8:40pm Desolation 

7:10pm-7:45pm Wretchedpain
6:15pm-6:50pm Laid to Rest
5:20pm-5:55pm Door To Door Human Gore
4:25pm-5:00pm Besegra
3:30pm-4:05pm Gigantusk
2:35pm-3:10pm Unscathed
1:40pm-2:15pm Babbar
12:30pm-1:20pm Angels of Death

Day 2 - SUN MAY 19

9:00pm-10:00pm AMERICAN HELL (One Day Saviour Recordings)
8:05pm-8:40pm Continent
7:10pm-7:45pm Abolished
6:15pm-6:50pm Insurrection
5:20pm-5:55pm MYR
4:25pm-5:00pm Crutch
3:30pm-4:05pm Homicide Drive
2:35pm-3:10pm Paladin
1:40pm-2:15pm Deception of Eden
12:40pm-1:20pm Wall of Bones

Image created by Project Pain & Adam Timperio.
 -Make sure to spread the word and come on out! It's going to be a wicked festival!! Support Local Music!
-The Heavy Metal Sasquatch will see you there!!! \mXm/

Monday, 4 March 2013

Music Video: UNSCATHED (Imperium) - Darkened Skies (Studio Demo Audio)

The progressive metal masters UNSCATHED have released a new music video featuring audio from their first demo (soon to be released)! Check out the first ever music video for Darkened Skies! Look them up and like their page on facebook @!

-SEE UNSCATHED LIVE at the NIAGARA METAL FEST - MAY 18/19 2013 @ Taps Brewery, Niagara Falls, Ontario. Check out the event page here ---> Niagara Metal Fest Official Page!

-Heavy Metal Sasquatch out! \m/

Post-Metal Showcase: Robot Shark Attack - C.T.S.H.D.F - Free Download!

   The post-rock/metal genre, also known as metalgaze or atmospheric metal, is a sub-genre of metal that provides long thought out guitar riffs mixed seamlessly with to-the-point baselines and mind-altering ambiance. Robot Shark Attack brings all of this to the table and more, releasing the first single as a  Free Download! With his primary influences stemming from bands such as Cloudkicker; Robot Shark Attack provides lots of musical variations from chill atmospheric ambiance, to groovy synth beats to straight up heart pounding metal, and everything else in between. Check out this free download from Robot Shark Attack- Crouching Tiger Shrimp, Hidden Dragon Fruit. Make sure to check out RSA and like his page on facebook @ -All in all, if you enjoy any genre of rock / metal you will definitely enjoy this!! So buckle up, sit back, relax, smoke a J, close your eyes and enjoy the ride that is the Robot Shark Attack!
-Heavy Metal Sasquatch out!! \m/

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Friday, 1 March 2013

In Flames (4 Photos) @ the Guelph Concert Theatre. Guelph, Ontario - Feb 27, 2013

Here is a wicked photo I took while taking a breather from the pit! Absolutely amazing show! Wicked people, wicked metal, wicked night!! \m/ \m/

-Heavy Metal Sasquatch!!